Udine Industrial Zone

The Udine Industrial Zone (ZIU), located in the area of South Udine, and the municipalities of Pozzuolo del Friuli and Pavia di Udine, is the beating heart of Cosef. The area is equal to almost 5 m square meters and counts today about 150 settled companies with more than 4.500 employees. Thus, even in the difficult years of the global economic crisis, this area saw unstoppable growth.

A strong organization and an infrastructure system that facilitates the setting up of a company make Ziu particularly attractive. Furthermore, the creation of Cosef has ensured a further easing of the processes to establish and develop companies, also lowering their management costs.

The area is renowned for the excellent road links facilitating the companies to move their goods and be effectively connected. The road system is one of the strategic assets on which the Ziu has focused, constantly evolving to ensure modern services are compatible with each enterprise's growing needs.

In addition to railway connections, the Ziu has a structural support road system, secondary service with two accesses to the regional road 352 "of Grado" to the east and one from the provincial road 94 "Bicinicco" to the west.

Bus connections are also easy thanks to a service that connects Udine railway station to ZIU and vice versa twice a day. You can easily reach the area even thanks to the bike paths designed by the municipal administrations of Udine, Pozzuolo, and Pavia di Udine in their respective territories.

The technological networks and the range of guaranteed services offer the companies 360 degrees of coverage: from a separate sewage system with a network for wastewater and rainwater to the public lighting, electric, telephone, industrial-civil water, and fire-fighting networks, as well as video surveillance.

The area relies on an aqueduct pumping station with independent wells, a consortium purification plant, rainwater lamination basins, an Enel substation, and three fuel distribution sites. There is no lack of telecommunications connections, parking lots, loading and unloading zones, and equipped parking areas. Food services are also available on site.

E-COMMUNICATION NETWORKS in the ZIU (Udine Industrial Zone):

telephone network (copper network)
coverage: entire industrial zone
power stations: n. 2

ADSL on copper TLC network (*)
north area: ADSL up to 20 Mbps downstream
southern area: ADSL up to 7 Mbps downstream

Cellular coverage
Coverage may vary slightly between the various areas of the industrial district

Fiber optic "ZIUnet" consortium network
for more info: see attached PDF

ERMES / Insiel project (regional broadband network)
in progress

Other fiber-optic networks
Current coverage: via Buttrio/via Manzano.

Hot spot (in preparation)

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