ZIU Infraregional Territorial Plan

The industrial area of regional interest of south Udine is the subject of implementation planning through the preparation of an "infra-regional territorial plan" (PTI) pursuant to Regional Law no. 3 of January 18, 1999.

Historical evolution of urban planning

The historical evolution of urban planning began with adopting the General Plan of the Udine Industrial Zone (ZIU) by the Municipality of Udine on 03/15/1973. Then came the approval of the Framework Plan on 02/11/1973 with the D.P.G.R.04720 /Pres. And then, the Consortium adopted the first PIP (Piano Insediamenti Produttivi - Productive Settlements Plan), drawn up in compliance with art. 27 of Law 865/71 and approved on 05/28/1975 with the DPGR 01359/Pres.

After ten years, a new PIP was drawn up and approved on April 21, 1988, with the DPGR 0136/Pres. A plan that substantially confirmed the original perimeter of the area.

The Infraregional Territorial Plan (PTI)

The area of industrial agglomeration of regional interest of south Udine has been the subject of new planning implementation with the drafting of an "Infraregional Territorial Plan" (PTI) adopted under Art. 3 of Regional Law No. 3 of January 18, 1999, by the Consortium for Industrial Development of Central Friuli in July 2000.

The adoption, passed by the assembly on July 27, 2000, was followed by the conference of services to ascertain the urban compatibility of the same Plan with the general urban planning tools of the municipalities of Udine, Pavia di Udine, and Pozzuolo del Friuli.

In July 2001, the Consortium reached an agreement with local authorities: the Plan's final approval dates back to July 8, 2002.

The Consortium's management has subsequently approved some master plan variances to the PTI: in October 2004, Variance no. 1 for a better regulatory framework responding to local needs; then Variant no. 2 (12/12/2006-10/18/2007) was adopted in two separate times, also following the acquisition of the (positive) opinions of urban conformity by the municipalities of Udine, Pavia di Udine, and Pozzuolo del Friuli and approved by the President of the Regional Council; Variant no. 3, for a functional urban structure concerning better management as well as the acquisition of new industrial buildings; Variant no. 4, which provided for an extension of the area of competence to the north and a more limited one to the south, as well as a redefinition of the original objectives of the Plan, taking shape as a "new PTI," approved by the President of the Region FVG on August 6, 2013. Finally, Variant No. 5 (April 20, 2016) and Variant No. 6 (June 22, 2017), both approved by the President of the Region FVG, with a view to the constant improvement of the management of the ZIU area, responding to local needs.


Variance No. 7 to PTI

As it usually happens during the "trial stage" of urban planning, even for PTI, from the date of approval until today, some requests from companies have emerged and the need to adapt the urban planning instrument.

The management has therefore underlined the need to draw up a new variance to the PTI (no.7) while waiting for the preparation of the so-called "unitary PTI" for the (unitary) urban management of all the Consortium areas (ZIU, Alto Friuli, Aussa Corno, and Cividalese). To this extent, Variance no. 7 to the PTI of the ZIU is similar to a "partial PTI."

Variance No. 7 to the PTI, adopted by the members in October 2019, was approved by the President of the Region FVG by decree No. 061/Pres. April 7, 2020 (published in the BUR on 4/22/2020).

According to Legislative Decree 152/2006, the SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) acts of variances no. 4, 5, 6, and 7 to the PTI and the SEA Monitoring activities are available in the website www. cosef.fvg.it/zona-industriale-udinese/gestione-territorio-ziu.html.

The Territorial Information System adopted by Cosef allows us to visualize, for each homogeneous zone, the graphic info of zoning associated with the technical norms of implementation.

Click here to see the GIS Zoning of the GIS Cartographic Portal.

Approved "Plan Documents":

PDF icon var_7_relazione_illustrativa_1_3.pdf PDF icon var_7_nta_2.pdf PDF icon var_7_piano_particellare_elenco_3b1.pdf PDF icon var_7_piano_particellare_f_68_3d.pdf PDF icon var_7_piano_particellare_f_70_3f.pdf PDF icon var_7_piano_particellare_f_3_3n.pdf PDF icon var_7_piano_particellare_f_2_3m.pdf PDF icon var_7_carta_dei_vincoli_tav_4.pdf PDF icon var_7_iniziative_confermate_5a.pdf PDF icon var_7_nuove_iniziative_5b.pdf PDF icon var_7_zonizzazione_9.pdf PDF icon var_7_arretramenti_10.pdf PDF icon var_7_viabilita_sezioni_11.pdf